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Sookmyung Women’s University Korean Food Institute is the only Korean food institute in a University established to conduct organized researches and instruction of Korean food and to scientifically systemize, industrialize and globalize them. With 67-year history of studying food and nutrition from Home Economics department established in 1938, it makes functional foods with Korean traditional foods, standardizes traditional cuisines, develops and commercializes menu of traditional foods and provides education and experience programs.
The tradition of study on Korean food has been handed down by its professors learning cuisines from the last court lady Han Hui-sun(1889-1972, a first-generation expert in foods of the Royal court, Chosun Dynasty intangible cultural
asset no. 38), who held lectures and taught actual training of cuisines in Sookmyung Women's university from 1955
to 1967.
With the food development laboratory equipped with up-to-date facilities and equipments, the sensory laboratory,
cooking classrooms classified according to materials and functions, seminar rooms, a virtual restaurant for food coordinators and future enterprisers, and a traditional propriety room to experience traditional wedding ceremony and
religious ceremony, it performs organized research, and provides education programs utilizing them.

A museum of Korean traditional and antique households (Old kitchen), four cooking studios with different functions
(Beauty, Sense, Delight and Purity), cooking classes for children, a restaurant (Snow flower), seminar rooms, a tea
room, a outdoor restaurant, and a laboratory for development of food will serve as cultural spaces to experience and
enjoy Korean food culture as well as practical rooms for studies and special education.

1906 Establishment of Myungshin Girl’s School, the nation’s first educational institution for women with the support of Empress Sunheon during the reign of Emperor Gojong.
1938 Establishment of Sookmyung Women’s Junior College and the department of Domestic Science,Craft, and Embroidery.
1948 Raised to Sookmyung Women’s College in 1948 and established the department of Home Affairs.
1955 Elevated to University status as Sookmyung Women’s University and established the department of Home Economics.
1962 Department of Home Economics is divided into 3 majors, with Food and Nutrition being one of them.
1969 Elevated to the School of Home Economics and independently separated into the major of Food and Nutrition.
1998 Establishment of Graduate School of Traditional Culture and Arts and the major of Traditional Dietary Life and Culture.
2000 Completion of Sookmyung Women’s University’s Korean Food Institute.