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The cooking studio of Korean Food Institute is an open space that allows for the full cultural experience through the
body, mind, and soul. It offers courses for learning Korean traditional food, Kimchi, Ddeok and others for foreigners as well.
The tradition of study on Korean food has been handed down by its professors learning cuisines from the last court lady Han Hui-sun(1889-1972, a first-generation expert in foods of the Royal court, Chosun Dynasty intangible cultural asset no. 38), who held lectures and taught actual training of cuisines in Sookmyung Women's university from 1955 to 1967.
This is where you can taste Korean food while feeling the fragrance, time and tide of people. Restaurant SnowFlower, which is the symbol of Sookmyung Women’s University, is a forum for food experts. Practical training for hosting a reception from menu planning to cooking, table setting, and serving is all available here.
Dajeong shows what a detached house of a Korean traditional noble family looks like. There is a course of Tea Therapy at Dajeong along with programs that will nurture your tired mind and body with refreshed energy through tea,
meditation, and healthy food that goes along well with the variety of teas offered. Join the stories of people sharing tea and ‘jeong’ (affection).
A space of Edutainment in excitement and wonders, Magical Room seeks to provide 21stcentury education through the coexistence of education and entertainment for children. Children learn to express themselves through fun activities of cooking and mature as the future leaders with creativity. A variety of event stake place such as math and science learn through cooking class.
“Old Kitchen”, exhibiting typical old style Korean kitchen goods guides us to the appliances used by the generations of our mothers and our grandmothers. It also leads us to the reminiscence and the wisdom of our ancestors.
“Garden” is an open studio that allows you to enjoy hosting an outdoor party in a fabulous garden. A tile fence with trees and flower blossoms that transform each season all carry Korean sentiment in their beauty. The festive event of food will enlighten the experience at this special space.
Korean ancestors have created a variety of food with ingredients from the fields and the mountains. Without food preservatives or refrigerators, they have wisely taken care of the food each season. Fine green Ssokddeok (rice cake seasoned with mugwort), Jilgyungee namul (seasoned plantain vegetable), Mandeurami sool (Cockdvombliquor)… We unveil the mystery of science hidden in the Korean food.
Various seminars and forums are held here. Also, it is a space for brainstorming session and creative idea production for the future leaders.