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  EnglishMajor Project
Historical research and investigation on Korean traditional food and model making
Research on physiological activities and the functional aspect of the Korean traditional food
Research on Korean traditional dietary life and culture
Publication of recipe books and research books related to Korean food
Open classes and educational programs led by the top faculties of Sookmyung Women’s University and the experts
of the field will serve as a gateway to the future of food culture.
· Themed programs
· Regular educational programs
· Programs tailored to specific groups of students
· Short term/experience programs
Exhibition and tasting event of royal court food, wedding food, regional food
Exhibition and tasting event of Korean traditional food for foreigners
Invention of menus and marketing strategy with the application of special local products
Development and marketing of processed foods with the application of special local products
Development of menu and consultation for specialty restaurants
Korean Cooking Class for foreigners
Production of Korean cook book in English, English VTR production
Korean food tour including Kimchi, Bibim-bop tour
· Various tour course programs (2 hour tour, half day tour, home stay, etc.)